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You Know You're Head Over Heels For An Actor When...

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Jan. 2nd, 2010 | 05:58 am
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 -You watch all of his movies he's done, even the ones that aren't your favorites, and you make cracks about them so much that you end up loving the movie, and needing to watch it all the time. 

-The highlight of your day is getting on Livejournal and seeing a new post from the community.

-Every cute little girly love song becomes about him.

-You take walks in 9 inches of snow, and 13 degree weather just so you can listen to that song & feel those butterflies.

-You take your best friend to Bulid-A-Bear for her birthday, and end up buying a little doggie because it reminds you of one of his movie characters -- then you name it accordingly. Freddie <3 

-You call your movie theater and ask why the hell they're not playing his latest flick.

-You get excited that you both own the exact same pair of shoes -- and by the looks of it, they seem to be your favorite pairs, too. 

-You trudge out in a monstrous rain storm to buy a magazine he was actually featured in that had an article that had NOTHING to do with his ex-girlfriend and the bullshit drama.

-You re-enact scenes from movies he was in with your best friend and post it on youtube.

-You wear a "stop sign" on your left ring finger as a warning to others that you're not interested in them.

-Every time you hear someone say their name, (even if it's just someone with the same name as them) you get a huge smile on your face.

-You make every 11:11 and sometimes 12:12 wish about him.

-You accept his flaws, and even think they're the cutest things about him ... and mention them on a daily basis. 

-You plan one giant trip with your best friend 2 years in advance, with tons of strategic planning and scheming, just in hopes you're going to meet him somehow.

-Every time you go somewhere, you imagine what it'd be like if he was with you. [ex: Dancing at the club. Eating at Olive Garden...]

-You take a note from the stars, and invent your own couple name. Helloooo SangaraH.

-You find out you listen to some of the same bands, and suddenly that bands music gets played a lot more by you.

-Whenever you look out at the moon, you imagine he's in Cali looking at it at the same time.

-You make up random stories with your best friend at 4 in the morning about what would happen if you ever met them.

-You make silly little bead bracelets with their name on it, and wear it everywhere. 

-You make pictures with you & him together just to see if you'd look cute together, and of course, you do :)

-You have his family's Dance website saved in your "Favorites" toolbar online.

-You search Facebook for people with the same last name as him, thinking it could be family.

-When you take Myspace / Facebook survey's  and it asks for a "relationship status" You always say: "Single, but my heart is taken."

-Even though you own all of his movies, you get giddy when one of them is playing on TV, and even watch it and recite the lines, annoying everyone else around you.

-You freak out when they actually show an episode of a TV show he was on years ago.

-You've seen his commercials he did when he first started out, and even recite them, and make "Lunar Mod-joo-wall" part of your daily vocabulary.

-You be sure and kiss their picture at Midnight on New Years Eve as the ball drops .. no matter what you're doing or who you're with.

-Things that used to repulse you with other people, you suddenly tolerate them when he's involved.

-When you're having an extremely shitty day, all you have to do is pop in one of his movies, and your day becomes instantly brighter.


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